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The story

CreativeMove was provided to move the world up by pure creativity. CreativeMove will inspire and guide people through water flowing as her dynamic power feature to turn intrigued choices into creative solutions. 

This journey is from my imagination and learning, the dream tree and dynamic practices including education broad and in-dept in Psychology and Management. By an original thinking and a big eye view, learning is all around to know the truth and to change our ways and the world.

The battle during the Asian financial crisis, 1997 as a HERO is my pride on the best use of leadership, decision making. Amid a Thaiger’s fear and Eagle’s confusion for the future, I decided to move on but got a shock of Paradog of the time and imagined to human recession. There are more and more fruits from the failure of management everywhere. Do you feel it? 

The flight from now on would be more difficult than ever. We can’t depend on old-fashioned leaders and managers. Let’s learn to lead and move up by creativity here and now.. How to Clean and How to Move—

Thank God for the opportunity and Lord Buddha for the ultimate truth.


 P.S. Pls do not read, think only… 

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