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  Man today never own up to the ugly Truth, Failure But set it on a pretty face covering up ugly Reality.  HOLD power by dirty tricks; FEED dream by cheap policies.  Less or More […]

Oct, 04


Beauty like a Moon    Beauty @ Senses: More than Look All actions are meaningful by spiritual power and intelligence.  Care like a Mother Beauty @ Heart: Generosity and True commitment strengthens over time. Encourage and Serve the […]

Aug, 08

One Moon

  There are moons any where but we have ONE. One moon has fulfilled everything. In the dark night, we look to her not often and we can’t see sometimes. Clouds trying to down the moon; Fearful Dogs […]

Jul, 27

Pink Blood

Satan is still finding a new ambassador, alternative Devil. Sunday was changed from Red to Pinky. Dirty Grey to Bloody Pink; Conspiracy to Pinky swear. Pink mud, stern may satisfy cattle and pigs but it is a Waste-added. She/he doesn’t […]

May, 27

Lady and Power

There are questions about power of woman in a confused time. Woman is in the world, in & beside a man, as long asMan. What do you know about & expect from woman? Masculine? Or a smell of […]

Apr, 19


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