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Grass and Money

  Grass represents the people who need the security or domestic sovereignty. The fast growth from small Money but brave Heart Too much water, money supply for each individual ruins its roots, growth.  By poor direction, […]

Nov, 11

Naked to Nature

  In Modern Age, there are full of facilities to serve SELF of man.  The more creation, The less satisfaction The more dependence on self, The less independence and civilization  Take off things not born […]

Sep, 19

Ice Age

“Cold world not for sale” “Hot world not for sale” We need your responsibility; We don’t want carbon credit  Who is selling your worlds? Who is getting your worlds?   Heat sets a fire; Water freezes. […]

Sep, 12

Less for More

Creativity to play a leading role in economy, society, or environment must be PURE with fewer materials. Less resource for more performance. By HERO, Above the Line, HIGH heart and head–sacrifice and intelligence. Only human power can change the […]

Mar, 18

Hello world!

    My dear and clean World, are you still ok?  Some creatures make dirt and destroy you.  Recession of economy, society, and environment.  How to move with limited resources but abundant waste on Earth.  […]

Jun, 18


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