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Stay Clean

  We’re born with almost WHITE and walk down the trial on colorful dayss. Since a baby, little Grey to GREYER.  One makes more Sin; one makes less Sin One makes merit; one makes dirt  […]

Feb, 17

BOX box Creation

  Value Creation is not IN Business Practice as Blocking itself.  Box in Box, Process in Process, and Human in Human etc. once ALL fails to move, ONE puts more boxes in boxes.  Art/Creation, an […]

Jan, 13

Naked to Nature

  In Modern Age, there are full of facilities to serve SELF of man.  The more creation, The less satisfaction The more dependence on self, The less independence and civilization  Take off things not born […]

Sep, 19

Red Dot

   Greed leads to excessive consumption and over exploitation of resources. Capital, Human, Natural Resources.   FRUIT: Bigger Red Dot, More Fat ; double Recession, chronic Recession FailureS of management, Human recession, Degradation of ecosystem.   Model […]

Aug, 16

Below the Line

  Now the MEAN of the world is very low. No time to Jai-Yen (do nothing) & to Krang-Jai (not lose anyone’s face). No more chances for managers having fear and fool. Time is counting down and […]

Jun, 01

New planet is Here

Give me a place to stand and I can move the world– Archimedes Someone built the world. Someone changed the world. Someone made great history of the world. You can try with small levers. You […]

Mar, 22

Hello world!

    My dear and clean World, are you still ok?  Some creatures make dirt and destroy you.  Recession of economy, society, and environment.  How to move with limited resources but abundant waste on Earth.  […]

Jun, 18


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