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In the Floods

    The world is in severe inundation of Water-Fire, Money-Debt, People-Junk, Freedom-Process  People are stimulated to addict Waste to create more Waste.   Add, paint, set ones/things young and new BUT Old and Waste  Population […]

Nov, 03

Naked to Nature

  In Modern Age, there are full of facilities to serve SELF of man.  The more creation, The less satisfaction The more dependence on self, The less independence and civilization  Take off things not born […]

Sep, 19

Red Dot

   Greed leads to excessive consumption and over exploitation of resources. Capital, Human, Natural Resources.   FRUIT: Bigger Red Dot, More Fat ; double Recession, chronic Recession FailureS of management, Human recession, Degradation of ecosystem.   Model […]

Aug, 16


  Set a fire to stop a fire; Set a fear to stop a fear Increase greed to stop greed; Increase selfishness to stop selfishness. Add poverty to kill poverty; Add guns to kill violence.    Add LAW to […]

Jul, 19

Stop to Move

    Please stop JUNK and mad DOG hidden in your country. There are not many Pigs and Dogs but they are powerful. We feed them because of fear and fool. Now they are struggling and we are dying […]

Jul, 11

Below the Line

  Now the MEAN of the world is very low. No time to Jai-Yen (do nothing) & to Krang-Jai (not lose anyone’s face). No more chances for managers having fear and fool. Time is counting down and […]

Jun, 01


  We, above the line are suffering long before.. To move right against the WAVE, aggressive and the MEAN, ignorant. For the world and the next generation instead of fear for coming doom. As missed management and going […]

Mar, 24


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