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Innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration-Edison
However, all new things 100% start at creativity and inspiration.
What fault? The wrong investment.

Water and Dream

      Water is everywhere. Water gives and refreshes lives.  Water makes life easier and frees mind.         Dream, imagination, thinking is in human only. Dream creates Art, alternatives and let ideas […]

Jun, 04

Stay Clean

  We’re born with almost WHITE and walk down the trial on colorful dayss. Since a baby, little Grey to GREYER.  One makes more Sin; one makes less Sin One makes merit; one makes dirt  […]

Feb, 17

Light the World

  Mother Nature is judging now as the world has judged for evils so long.  No bargain, compromise, bureaucracy, or politics.    No fat in fact and no fact in truth  The great conflict of […]

Dec, 26


  We are here in Thailand with diversity and unlimited freedom. However, above difficulties on Earth, Water, and Fire  We see the one who see all of us.  The one, down to Earth, hold Water, […]

Nov, 29

Stop to Move

    Please stop JUNK and mad DOG hidden in your country. There are not many Pigs and Dogs but they are powerful. We feed them because of fear and fool. Now they are struggling and we are dying […]

Jul, 11

New planet is Here

Give me a place to stand and I can move the world– Archimedes Someone built the world. Someone changed the world. Someone made great history of the world. You can try with small levers. You […]

Mar, 22

Fly and free Move

  I doubted about what Jonathan found in ultimate flying. Once the tough situation happened, it came in my mind. I got it, how to move freely.   Inspired by… The story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull- a seagull who […]

Mar, 22


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