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Power of illusions produced around you by your own or others.

In the Floods

    The world is in severe inundation of Water-Fire, Money-Debt, People-Junk, Freedom-Process  People are stimulated to addict Waste to create more Waste.   Add, paint, set ones/things young and new BUT Old and Waste  Population […]

Nov, 03


  Man today never own up to the ugly Truth, Failure But set it on a pretty face covering up ugly Reality.  HOLD power by dirty tricks; FEED dream by cheap policies.  Less or More […]

Oct, 04

The tree of Life

  Life today is heavy with gadgets and cosmetics. The more, The better, the higher Be in trend and learn new things always In fact, there is small space for yourself and a true value. In alternative way, Living in small but […]

Jul, 29

Pink Blood

Satan is still finding a new ambassador, alternative Devil. Sunday was changed from Red to Pinky. Dirty Grey to Bloody Pink; Conspiracy to Pinky swear. Pink mud, stern may satisfy cattle and pigs but it is a Waste-added. She/he doesn’t […]

May, 27

Lady and Power

There are questions about power of woman in a confused time. Woman is in the world, in & beside a man, as long asMan. What do you know about & expect from woman? Masculine? Or a smell of […]

Apr, 19

The Paradog of our Time

  Have more experts but more problems Have more degree but worse judgment The paradog today is more serious than mismatching stripes. The richer, the poorer The bigger, the smaller The higher, the lower The […]

Mar, 24


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