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Down for Earth

His Majesty the King always acknowledges the difficulties of Thai people. We see him always whenever we see no one. In his Eyes: everyone, everything, and everywhere in Thailand. In his Arms, there are more […]

Dec, 10

Grass and Money

  Grass represents the people who need the security or domestic sovereignty. The fast growth from small Money but brave Heart Too much water, money supply for each individual ruins its roots, growth.  By poor direction, […]

Nov, 11


Beauty like a Moon    Beauty @ Senses: More than Look All actions are meaningful by spiritual power and intelligence.  Care like a Mother Beauty @ Heart: Generosity and True commitment strengthens over time. Encourage and Serve the […]

Aug, 08

One Moon

  There are moons any where but we have ONE. One moon has fulfilled everything. In the dark night, we look to her not often and we can’t see sometimes. Clouds trying to down the moon; Fearful Dogs […]

Jul, 27


  We, above the line are suffering long before.. To move right against the WAVE, aggressive and the MEAN, ignorant. For the world and the next generation instead of fear for coming doom. As missed management and going […]

Mar, 24

Hello world!

    My dear and clean World, are you still ok?  Some creatures make dirt and destroy you.  Recession of economy, society, and environment.  How to move with limited resources but abundant waste on Earth.  […]

Jun, 18


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