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They are from the fruitful trees.

Line on Horizon

      When staring at the Horizon, we see the Line. Line @ Horizon is the diversity of Earth and Air.  While people on Earth are confused which one to choose. Whether to tread […]

Jan, 16

Big Cleaning

  The world was cleaned. The world is colorful. The world becomes dirty.  The point is YOU seeing or knowing each color, the truth? Some mixed up or painted colors by not knowing a color.  Some are […]

Dec, 20

Naked to Nature

  In Modern Age, there are full of facilities to serve SELF of man.  The more creation, The less satisfaction The more dependence on self, The less independence and civilization  Take off things not born […]

Sep, 19

Pin the Point

The Game of Dog: Set a fire and Fight a fire Set by a predator: the race of a predator a prey: to win, to gain, or to kill. Fire, however, is needed for living […]

Sep, 15

Red Dot

   Greed leads to excessive consumption and over exploitation of resources. Capital, Human, Natural Resources.   FRUIT: Bigger Red Dot, More Fat ; double Recession, chronic Recession FailureS of management, Human recession, Degradation of ecosystem.   Model […]

Aug, 16

Why water?

Water is flowing element…The element of Change   Water is everywhere in everything Water teaches acceptance and releases your emotion… Flowing water offers choices independent to experiences…  However, water is dynamic and easy to get dirt.     […]

Mar, 21

Less for More

Creativity to play a leading role in economy, society, or environment must be PURE with fewer materials. Less resource for more performance. By HERO, Above the Line, HIGH heart and head–sacrifice and intelligence. Only human power can change the […]

Mar, 18


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