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This article was written on 16 Jan 2012, and is filled under Fruit.

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Line on Horizon




When staring at the Horizon, we see the Line.

Line @ Horizon is the diversity of Earth and Air. 

While people on Earth are confused which one to choose.
Whether to tread the known, or gamble for the unknown.

 Imagination on Air is often bedecked with Maya.
A distant goal somewhat obscures to achieve.

 They strive ever more uncertainty persists either way.
Cognizance makes them easy for sure, but always a horizon does conjure.

 When Dream meets Simple on the topmost, it is Sufficiency.  

Minimalism breaks austerity; Dream heightens things.

Dream maximizes freedom to create ideas/pieces, if unrestrained and true.

 Value, no Line is on sharp and simple ONE


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