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Dream Tree




In a garden, boys and girls take refuge around a sweet orange tree.
For Secrecy of Imagination to Stay; Like “Angel” with Wings flying around them.

Children today live under the schedule by social trend.
The little birds were made to help them find out about things flied away.

Lives belong to Children BUT Parent can help or harm Them.

Wings are never gone, if born with ones, smaller or bigger up to Watering.

But adulterated with WASTE, objective and subjective over time.
Including Belonging to belonging & a Fear of flying.

@The Age of Reason: Waste takes charge of Head, no space for imagination and of Heart, no courage to clean and fly again.

Ones go with the flow; Ones are proud of Waste and need more.

The SPACE is a playground of imagination.


     Inspired by My Sweet-Orange Tree:

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