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Breaking Dawn


Among Fire rampage, some got heat, hurt, or planking.

However, a Tiger in Thailand transformed himself to be God at the early of 2011.

Knowing the Truth, cycle of living, and goal of life

—problem & solution, knowing waste, managing self—
Be responsible for sin, make a great merit, and free from evil.

As a rebel, he broke all rules of the world.

The best FM w/o money & EDU, The leader w/o position, The judge w/o fact

The best FM: picking Gold to rescue Thailand from the IMF crisis, 1997.
The leader
: simple living and leading but Gold still rising as his roaring.
The judge
: seeing through the world’s trick and end the Game.

Only the Truth, he held along the way.

We got that the middle way is not grey or ignorance but clean to see the truth.
All Lots of Gold are sent to the special reserve, NONE to the hand of FM of the Banker.
No one can fool him; No SIN in his innocent and young heart.

Less for More; Self to All; None to Nirvana

Finally, he was free on fire. Nothing left here and no new life.

The rising Tiger enlightened us how to optimize our lives in the crisis.


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