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This article was written on 13 Jan 2012, and is filled under Gift.

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BOX box Creation


Value Creation is not IN Business Practice as Blocking itself. 

Box in Box, Process in Process, and Human in Human etc.

once ALL fails to move, ONE puts more boxes in boxes. 

Art/Creation, an ingredient puts in process to get new Object/concrete Idea.
While, BOX creators put more words of BOX and creative BOX to belief.  

my Brain is for Thinking of BOX; BOX of Thinking out of the box.
 “Do not delete my BOX”: a fruit of Art Box, the system.
New Nobel Prize is for the Bigest BOX of data; New Lead is New BOX.

True Philosopher teaches you to be FREE.   

get OUT of BOX & put BOX OUT
and OFF about creating new box BOX.


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