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Grass and Money


Grass represents the people who need the security or domestic sovereignty.
The fast growth from small Money but brave Heart

Too much water, money supply for each individual ruins its roots, growth. 
By poor direction, its growth may be used for killing instead of serving the earth.
By missed management, its spread harms the big tree fruiting for people. 

Among grasses, King of them can save both Earth&Water with its long deep roots.
While simple grass widespread very quickly to serve people.

King of Grasses is taking a stand for the true freedom.
The brave souls of people on earth
Simple grass is cattle’s food needing a good management, not just money supply.

Let each grown by his way does not mean an ignorance or dictation.
Understanding each nature is needed to support each way.

Kings picks Kings; Cattle pick Cattle by nature.

Vetiveria zizanioides, this species can trap crop residues and silts which are eroded by runoff and enabling them to naturally form an earth embankment.

Vetiver grass has a deep thick root system which spreads vertically rather than horizontally. It can efficiently endure harsh conditions, store water as well as maintain soil moisture and soil surface at the same time. And it imposes no obstacle to the nearby plants. Growing vetiver grass is simple, applicable and money-saving.

Most grass has fibrous roots which spread out from the underground part of the culm and hold the soil in a horizontal pattern.

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