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Pin the Point

The Game of Dog: Set a fire and Fight a fire
Set by a predator: the race of a predator a prey: to win, to gain, or to kill.

Fire, however, is needed for living if the best use; Man in the mean cannot do this.
 Put heat on a true fighter is efficient and a must.
Set a Fire must be sharp to bow to the point, the right target.

Pick up a brave guy at dog runs; Pick up a brain guy for chronic conditions.

 We got enough disasters from missed management, old or young.
Fire, unnecessary abounds. If you cannot do it, send it to me.
I gave you the power for the world, not for your sake.

 The Flyer, The killer, The exceptional Winner of Game Theory in 2003.


Picture painted by Chakrabhand, the honoured Thai artist and professor.

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