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Naked to Nature


In Modern Age, there are full of facilities to serve SELF of man. 

The more creation, The less satisfaction
The more dependence on self, The less independence and civilization

 Take off things not born with you both happiness and burden for a while. 
Close and Open to Mother Nature

 Naked to see the real you, to know the true of life

 Only fresh AIR and your breath HERE and NOW open to nature.
But people usually open eyes, ears, nose and invest in unnecessary things/ones.

 Value of being human is the opportunity to clean and create for more and better.

 When you’re away from Nature and back to others-money, power etc.,
 Just remember!!! Mother Nature belongs to your life.  

 Let’s face the truth and deal with reality means closing to HER.


Water color painting by Chakrabhand, the honoured Thai artist and professor.

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