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Red Dot


 Greed leads to excessive consumption and over exploitation of resources.
Capital, Human, Natural Resources.  

FRUIT: Bigger Red Dot, More Fat ; double Recession, chronic Recession
FailureS of management, Human recession, Degradation of ecosystem.  

Model of Greed; Tree of Selfishness
Fire-Sin-Loss; Fat-Hell-Carbon

Capitalism: profits are privatized; loses are socialized.
The game of Dog: Loss >>> Win

ALL for ONE, All from SEA are dumped in the SEA for Red Dot.
From one to many DOTS, they spread a fire far & wide through LANDS.  

To BURN or to GIVE, WEALTH is enough for ALL.
NEVER enough is Heart and Head.  

No responsibility, no compensation, even donation.
No Value Creation and Civility for ALL; ALL centers to RED DOT and FAT. 

Still, to suck OIL, MONEY laundry, and to build FAT Banks.

Who is responsible for this?

 Down the Red; Water down a Fire 

Do not set a Fire for the beast

The Nobel Prize 2003

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