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This article was written on 24 Mar 2011, and is filled under Maya.

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The Paradog of our Time


Have more experts but more problems

Have more degree but worse judgment

The paradog today is more serious than mismatching stripes.

The richer, the poorer

The bigger, the smaller

The higher, the lower

The world pays the price to quantity much more than quality and gives credits to quantity as quality.

Human is controlled professionally by scores, programs, modern models to get credits or meet international standards.

Each one is judged by indexs instead of developing for better. Eventually, nothing moves, while problems are growing gradually.

While a sense of civility is gone, more indicators are still being created. 

If cost of human brain is proved by huge evidences, it is disable of thinking, a lack of quality, and a huge loss of value of the world.

This mean that Democracy by vote do not translates into quality of leaders.

But the recession today translates into the failure of judgments and quality of leaders ABSOLUTELY.

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